Balance training promotes neurological growth, health and longevity.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the human brain is all about movement. It is highly metabolic and it needs a constant supply of fuel and activation in order to thrive and survive. The best things you can do for your brain are to eat well and stay physically active.

Most types of body movement requires some kind of central motor control, stability, equilibrium and coordination. The human balance system fortunately equips the body with these wonderful functions (and then some). Since our balance system mainly consists of midline brain structures, it is phylogenetically considered to be one of the oldest systems in the brain. Evolutionary biologists trace its origin way back to early fish and jelly fish swimming around in the ocean.

The human balance system is a multi modal key to neurological health. The brilliant system persistently collects and integrates various sensory information from the eyes, ears, muscles, skin, joints and vestibular apparatus. It evaluates and compares the information with past experiences, before it responds with life necessary vascular, muscular, hormonal, and even emotional responses. In short, the human balance system allows the body to discover, predict, react and adapt to novel (and potential life threatening) environmental changes.

Research from the past two decades confirms that increased body awareness, balance and motor coordination are all linked to both academic - and social achievements. Complex motor movement, with frequent changes in body posturing, balance and limb angulation, can indeed be very therapeutic for the brain. Keep moving!

Slackline training is an excellent way to boost your nervous system. Activation of the balance system promote documented improvements in focus, posturing, balance, core strength, blood circulation and reaction time. It increases longevity by preventing falls, injuries and neurological degeneration. Furthermore, from my own experience, it encourages to mastery, good feelings and happiness!